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Water Treatment


Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
A range of modern machines, fully prefabricated and compact, either with circular or rectangular section, to achieve the best separation performance.
In our range we manufacture frefabricated and compact machinee either with cicular or rectangular section with skid mounted solutions, and possibilities for shipment in standard ISO containers or in containerized solutions
DAF BMI Complete Range
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Continuous Deflective Screening (CDS)

CDS is the first screening and separation technology, specifically designed for storm water run-off, that has no mechanical elements, it is not binding, it takes up small foot print and also allows the treatment of large flows.



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Since 1973

BMI operates in the field of water treatment since 1973 having developed it’s own know-how in the design and construction of chemical-physical water treatment systems, acquired by experience gained in multiple areas of operation, as well as knowledge of the most experienced consultants in the field of international development and application of new technologies.

Years of research, on laboratory-scale and pilot plants as well as experience gained with multiple systems built and commissioned, offer today experience and “know-how” certainly enviable in the field, with solutions adapted to different needs and problems.
The necessary expertise is guaranteed by continuous collaboration of professionals such as biologists, chemists and engineers, as well as numerous collaborations with engineering companies operating nationally and internationally.

BMI, with the continued commitment inĀ development of technology and know-how always up to date, offers solutions to meet the needs in a field which is increasingly restrictive and requires always more modern solutions for the improvement of our territory and environment.

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