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Bio Mass Impianti

We work with passion since more than 40 years

Machines and Technologies for Water Treatment

We are active in water treatment since 1973

BIO MASS IMPIANTI is in the field of water treatment since 1973, making use of its own know-how in the design and production of chemical-physical systems, acquired by experience gained in multiple areas of operation as well as knowledge of the most experienced consultants in the field of international development and application of new technologies, such as in particular Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF).

Years of research, laboratory-scale and pilot plants as well as the experience gained with the implementation of multiple systems, offer today experience and “know-how” certainly enviable in the specific field with solutions often tailored to customer needs.
The necessary expertise is guaranteed by continuous collaboration of professionals such as biologists, chemists and engineers, as well as many collaborations with engineering companies operating internationally.

BIO MASS IMPIANTI, with the continued commitment to development technology up to date, provides Dissolved Air Flotation solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly restrictive field which requires, always more, modern solutions to improve our territory and the environment.

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Instrumentation for Measurement and Automation

30 years of activity of our instrumentation division

BIO MASS IMPIANTI started the business of the instrumentation division since the early 80s, in collaboration with leading international companies in the field of equipment for flow measurement, pump controls and water samplers.

Over the years, the range of equipment has been expanded to the growth and internationalization of the companies represented, as well as acquisition of new product lines.

What distinguishes the equipment we offer is first of all quality and reliability, together with excellence in pre and post sale service.

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