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Bio Mass Impianti

  • BIO MASS IMPIANTI (BMI), is a company specialised in design, projecting and construction of water and waste water treatment systems by means of DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION (DAF) technology as well as UP-FLOW filters and continuous filtration systems.
    BMI also designes a particular rain-water screening system which needs no electric energy, does not clog and is also able to treat important flow rates.

  • The Instrumentation Division offers various equipment for measurement, control and automation for management optimizing of the integrated water cycle.
    BMI is an authorized distributor, with direct after sale service, for several international leading manufacturers of equipment for measurement, analysis, sampling, automation and data transmission.
    Our mission is to provide and offer modern equipment of the highest quality and performance available on the international market, aimed to optimizing management of primary water treatment and waste water as well as environmental monitoring. Improved control and automation reduces the consumption of natural resources and management costs, providing a better and cleaner environment.

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